Here’s something a bit more celebratory: orange and blue pom-poms! Because there’s always a reason to celebrate, right? And if not, just make one up (I’m doing that right now).

This was probably the funnest photo i’ve taken in this project -shiny colors and bokeh is always a reason to celebrate. Better yet, taking a good photo is a reason to celebrate. (And now I feel like i’ve written something insightful. An even better reason to celebrate).

Ce-le-bration...oh yea!


Difference of Time

Split this off of my last post because it was getting too long. These two images are the same photo but just edited in two different ways (I cant decide which I like better). But I only added some color enhancements, I never do too much photoshop work. I’d rather it look real or even dreamy than artificial.

Early morning

Late Afternoon.

Sunset on the Highway

Here are more photos that I took last night /evening. They sort of have a nice ‘country side America’ / ‘lone highway’ feel…at least, they make me feel kind of patriotic / lonely.


Just a highway covered in a blanket of clouds.

Clouds are usually cute and cuddly. But there are some that are also scary and seemingly deadly.

Sunset on the Highway. This one is almost exactly like my "day 3" post, but the sun isn't as fiery and blurred. I like this one better.

Destination: Day 03

I didn’t mean for this photo to be a continuation from yesterday, but that’s kind of how it turned out. And its an hour till midnight so I don’t have much time to write the standard quirky post. So lame. But just enjoy a part 2 of my “journey” photo.

Its a sunset photo I took from the inside of my car (I wasn’t driving). I think the glass caused that cool glazed effect you see on the sun, reminds me of a fiery ball of molten…sun.

Sorry, not much effort today but tomorrow will be better ;)


After biking until your legs become jello, you reach your final destination: More road. But this time you get a great view.

Wedding photography wisdom

Yesterday I attended my friend Danielle’s wedding. I helped take the video recording of the ceremony (I was manning two different video cameras at once, and I was running up and down the balcony to near the altar…it was a fun wedding experience). I took a bunch of pre-wedding photos, and really only a couple of them came out nicely. That was kind of disappointing, but truth is I knew nothing about wedding photography so it was kind of expected. But over all the wedding was really sweet and nice :).

And now I share to you my newly gained wisdom of wedding photography:

  • Get in people’s faces. Its the only way to take the shot you want.
  • It’s all about timing. The fact that you may never know when’s the perfect moment means you should be constantly taking photos.
  • Make sure the background is good. No trashcans or framed photos. Or other people.
  • Candid photos may not be the best idea. Unless you’re really good at it. (this is what I did. They came out badly).
  • POSED photos are the way to go. That’s whats most important to the bride and groom, photos with them and their family.
  • Details are nice, but don’t get hung up on them. Just stick with all the main shots.
  • Take lots of photos. Like, in triple digits.
This is all I can remember off the top of my head. And its just straight up things I realized from yesterday. I’d like to think I know a thing or two more about shooting in weddings than I did before yesterday. If you have your own advice on weddings comment here and tell me about it :)

The bride and the mini bride

Unexpected: Day 01

Here’s to the official start of the 365 day project! Lets see where i’ll get to on May 28th 2012, hm? :)

And for a first photo, its pretty different and its not even that great. But its the start of something different and something you’ll probably be seeing a lot more (i’m thinking a whole series..or maybe even a stop motion movie). I used my brother’s Chinese chess set and created a whole scene for them. I even fo

und the perfect background and lighting. So yes, expect many more chinese chess set themed photographs.

the set up stage


unexpected turn of events: the pawn takes down the emperor.

Pinecones & Grass (day -1)

No, that’s not day 1, its day (negative) 1.

Day -1 doesn’t exist, Thats cheating, you say? Well this is just part of my pre-365 day photo mission. I will officially start tonight, but until then here are some photos I took a couple days before. I’ve been trying to start this project some days ago but even since then i’ve missed some days. So starting after this I will begin with positive integers.


delicious grass

crunchy pinecone

Ginger Berries

Why is this blog randomly called 365 ginger berries? If I was a writer or a poet I would tell you it is some kind of literary parallelism (but i’m not). I thought of it in more of design purposes. You can make some really neat designs with the title “365GB”. GB kind of reminds you more of gigabytes than ginger berries, but that’s just part of the fun of having a confusing name.

But if I were to draw some parallel here i’d say this whole project is one big ginger berry. And all the photos are a whole pick of ginger berries. Some bitter and so strong they’ll make you tear up if you ingest too many. And some just have a hint of that bitterness and are much more overwhelmingly sweet and delicious. They both come in a package deal. And coming up with a photo every day isn’t always so sweet and its not always so bad either. It’ll be a little bitter when I realize it’s 11:30pm and I haven’t even touched my camera all day and now I only have half an hour to take a nice photo and upload it. It’ll also be pretty sweet when I come up with a great photo under all that pressure and manage to publish it here on time.

So it comes hand in hand. (And i’m going to post a picture of a Ginger Berry here one day…if I ever find one).

just berries

until then, its just berries