Ginger Berries

Why is this blog randomly called 365 ginger berries? If I was a writer or a poet I would tell you it is some kind of literary parallelism (but i’m not). I thought of it in more of design purposes. You can make some really neat designs with the title “365GB”. GB kind of reminds you more of gigabytes than ginger berries, but that’s just part of the fun of having a confusing name.

But if I were to draw some parallel here i’d say this whole project is one big ginger berry. And all the photos are a whole pick of ginger berries. Some bitter and so strong they’ll make you tear up if you ingest too many. And some just have a hint of that bitterness and are much more overwhelmingly sweet and delicious. They both come in a package deal. And coming up with a photo every day isn’t always so sweet and its not always so bad either. It’ll be a little bitter when I realize it’s 11:30pm and I haven’t even touched my camera all day and now I only have half an hour to take a nice photo and upload it. It’ll also be pretty sweet when I come up with a great photo under all that pressure and manage to publish it here on time.

So it comes hand in hand. (And i’m going to post a picture of a Ginger Berry here one day…if I ever find one).

just berries

until then, its just berries


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