The 365 day project

I have never committed to doing a single activity every single day for an entire year. Not even brushing my teeth.

Consistency, commitment and perseverance are not my best skills, and  I have a bad habit of giving up on something once it starts to become challenging. I’ve tried dozens of different hobbies and interests, and i’ve never become good at any of them. I’ve learnt a decent amount; I was actually getting somewhere until I decided to give up.

And so this blog is dedicated to my committing to doing something everyday consistently for one year straight.

  • The goal: to take and publish one photo on this blog every day for a year.
  • The accomplishment: I’ll improve my photography, have had an excuse to make a blog, and publish 365 photos on the Net
  • Your support: subscribe to my blog and make me feel loved.
But Sarcasm  aside, i’m really glad to start this blog: 365GB (Ginger Berries). Even if no one visits or subscribes to it, if I see my own growth and improvement over time, that’ll be the biggest accomplishment. And that I stuck to something for an entire year.

warped portraits are so fun.


4 thoughts on “The 365 day project

  1. Will you post all your photos on FB? I have a friend who did that; it was very cool. Good for you for doing this! :)

  2. Doing a photo-a-day project is a fantastic experience, and I hope you have a lot of fun with yours. Keep going at it, even if on sick and tired days you don’t have anything to photograph but your unmade bed or a bowl of soup. You’ll be glad for it when you look back five years from now.

    And I know that you’ve just begun, but consider taking it further than just one year. Imagine recording your whole life and having the ability to show every day of it to your children, or leaving behind a record of the kind of person you came to be.

    I love seeing these sorts of projects, so I wish you the best of luck with yours. :)

    • Thanks so much :) I really appreciate your advice! Its amazing, I never would have thought that I could commit to a project like this one. But after a week into it I find myself forced to take my camera wherever I go and keep a keen eye out for anything to take photos of.
      And if I can make it for 365 days, I will definitely go further and continue the challenge ;)

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