Unexpected: Day 01

Here’s to the official start of the 365 day project! Lets see where i’ll get to on May 28th 2012, hm? :)

And for a first photo, its pretty different and its not even that great. But its the start of something different and something you’ll probably be seeing a lot more (i’m thinking a whole series..or maybe even a stop motion movie). I used my brother’s Chinese chess set and created a whole scene for them. I even fo

und the perfect background and lighting. So yes, expect many more chinese chess set themed photographs.

the set up stage


unexpected turn of events: the pawn takes down the emperor.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected: Day 01

    • Thanks :). I also found the captions to be really helpful, that way I can give my own comments on my photos. I’m glad you like it, I also found it really fun and I think i’ll be doing it more too.

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