Wedding photography wisdom

Yesterday I attended my friend Danielle’s wedding. I helped take the video recording of the ceremony (I was manning two different video cameras at once, and I was running up and down the balcony to near the altar…it was a fun wedding experience). I took a bunch of pre-wedding photos, and really only a couple of them came out nicely. That was kind of disappointing, but truth is I knew nothing about wedding photography so it was kind of expected. But over all the wedding was really sweet and nice :).

And now I share to you my newly gained wisdom of wedding photography:

  • Get in people’s faces. Its the only way to take the shot you want.
  • It’s all about timing. The fact that you may never know when’s the perfect moment means you should be constantly taking photos.
  • Make sure the background is good. No trashcans or framed photos. Or other people.
  • Candid photos may not be the best idea. Unless you’re really good at it. (this is what I did. They came out badly).
  • POSED photos are the way to go. That’s whats most important to the bride and groom, photos with them and their family.
  • Details are nice, but don’t get hung up on them. Just stick with all the main shots.
  • Take lots of photos. Like, in triple digits.
This is all I can remember off the top of my head. And its just straight up things I realized from yesterday. I’d like to think I know a thing or two more about shooting in weddings than I did before yesterday. If you have your own advice on weddings comment here and tell me about it :)

The bride and the mini bride


4 thoughts on “Wedding photography wisdom

  1. love that shot :) I’ve shot a handful of weddings so far and learn something new every time :s usually afterwords I think, well duh, why didn’t i think of that before…

    • thank you :D. Oh wow i’d love to see your wedding photography sometime. And yess -I noticed the same thing! Shooting during a wedding is a whole different experience, it becomes to hard to think straight and do things right on the moment.

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