Destination: Day 03

I didn’t mean for this photo to be a continuation from yesterday, but that’s kind of how it turned out. And its an hour till midnight so I don’t have much time to write the standard quirky post. So lame. But just enjoy a part 2 of my “journey” photo.

Its a sunset photo I took from the inside of my car (I wasn’t driving). I think the glass caused that cool glazed effect you see on the sun, reminds me of a fiery ball of molten…sun.

Sorry, not much effort today but tomorrow will be better ;)


After biking until your legs become jello, you reach your final destination: More road. But this time you get a great view.


2 thoughts on “Destination: Day 03

    • Thank you :) I actually enjoy doing it right now, writing is something i tend to shy away from, but its nice to be able to use it here and write about my photos. I’m not sure how much longer i’m going to be able to maintain it if i’m supposed to do it for another 365 days..haha

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