Sunset on the Highway

Here are more photos that I took last night /evening. They sort of have a nice ‘country side America’ / ‘lone highway’ feel…at least, they make me feel kind of patriotic / lonely.


Just a highway covered in a blanket of clouds.

Clouds are usually cute and cuddly. But there are some that are also scary and seemingly deadly.

Sunset on the Highway. This one is almost exactly like my "day 3" post, but the sun isn't as fiery and blurred. I like this one better.


2 thoughts on “Sunset on the Highway

  1. Hey Rukmini, may I suggest that the photos be a little bigger? They’re impressive compositions, especially with the sun and clouds, but the format is so small.

    • ah thats true. They’re kind of like thumbnails, so when you click on them you can see the whole thing. But thanks, I may just look for another blog layout that’ll make my photos bigger.

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