Perspective: Day 07

Finally, week 1 is over (and only 51 weeks left). It has felt much longer than seven days; I must have taken hundreds of photos and spent hours editing, publishing and blogging about my daily photography. Obviously, i’m not going to be able to maintain this standard for the rest of the year; if I can just publish one photo every day that’ll be good enough.

Still, its amazing when I can actually see results just in this last week. I can’t even imagine what will happen if I can keep this up for 358 more days.

I wanted to take a special photo, since today marks the end of week 1. First I took pictures of my  breakfast (again), then of some mangoes (it didn’t turn out so good) and some dried up flowers…in the end, I took the extra effort to go out and look at things from a “different perspective”. Let me know what you think of it :)


perspective tends to change how you normally see anything.


2 thoughts on “Perspective: Day 07

    • Thank you! And i’m happy you liked it, I wasn’t planning to shoot tonight, but I wanted to take that photo ;)
      Now I have one question: do you think this theme i’m using is too small for viewing photos? I’m thinking of changing it, but i really like it. But it is hard to veiw my photography…

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