Gravity & Motion Blur

Flower photos with a bit of a twist! (literally. hehe) I never knew flower photography could be so dynamic.

Anyone know the name of these flowers? I water them everyday but I still don’t know. Edit: So they’re called Black-eyed Susan! How interesting.

flower 1

spin spin

flower 2

Like a pin wheel

flower 2

falling up with gravity


12 thoughts on “Gravity & Motion Blur

  1. Are these black-eyed susans? These are beautiful shots. Stupid question – I’m new to photography, trying to teach myself, and I’m wondering what “bokeh” is. I’ve seen some photogs use the term, and I see you tagged it, but not sure what it is!

    • Oh that’s it! Yep, they’re Black Susans. And thanks :)
      Bokeh is a blur technique that is used in photographs, it creates a really cool “out of focus” effect that looks really beautiful. I’m actually pretty new to using it, but it looks beautiful in photographs. I’d suggest you check it some photos that use it :)

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