Delicate Curves: Day 17

Out of the 30 or so beautiful nature shots I took today, I think I liked this one the most. And there were plenty of other great colorful flowers I photographed, but I tried two things today:

  1. Focusing on a leaf, not the flower itself, and
  2. Doing so in white and black.
I have to say, the outcome turned into something totally different than what I would expect of ‘nature photography’. Something  abstract and still delicate. :)
as promised, more black & white

Flowers are overrated. Leafs need more love.


2 thoughts on “Delicate Curves: Day 17

  1. Hello Grasshopper. Beautifully important image and discovery. Leafs need love too. Indeed. This is where you excel. The discoveries, personal and fresh. Of course you’re not the 1st but you remind us of these life enhancing moments of newness. That brings pleasant memories along with inspiration. I love what you’re doing here. Rock on!
    There is a show at the Top, The American Dream, opening July 1. I have four pieces in it. Look for Dale’s work, also. I will be fresh home from surgery so can’t be there for opening but email me any thoughts.

  2. This approach has really paid off – turning something mundane and unglamourous into beautiful abstract art….

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