Electricity: Day 18

It was 10pm tonight and I really had no photos to upload today…until I “accidentally” took this shot. I still think it’s a miracle shot. (I left my camera’s shutter speed on about 6 seconds and the exposure was perfect for this night-time shot!).

Now i’m in love with this ‘painting with light’ photography. Now, if I can just take these photos intentionally…

edit: Should I keep this white light on the top? I’m not sure if its distracting, or interesting. Or both?


If I could see electricity, I'd think it would look something like this. Extremely bright, colorful, and cool. Bit like carnival lights.


5 thoughts on “Electricity: Day 18

  1. I’ve done a few pictures like this, myself – usually late at night when I haven’t a photo to post. =P


    Depending on the light source you get a different kind of trail. Fluorescent lights flicker, but flames and incandescent lights will give a solid line.

    Light painting is a lot different when you move the camera than when you move the light source. Try them both out, and get all of your friends involved if you can. It’s so much fun. :]

    (The white light is both distracting and interesting, and I can’t decide if it’s better to remove it or leave it)

    I like the sea of color at the bottom. It really looks like it’s going somewhere.

    • Nice, I didn’t know about the difference flourescent light and flames can make :)
      Yes, same with me, its always so hard editing a photo when what looks nice is also kind of distracting. xD

    • Haha, yes! I was actually remembering your photographs when I took mine. Yours is definitely inspiring, love all the patterns of lights you have :) Good luck with your exhibition!

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