Day 24: Blue Beauty

Is there a more beautiful bird than a peacock? This is one of those photos that doesn’t really need a caption.

day 24

I have a new favorite color.


8 thoughts on “Day 24: Blue Beauty

  1. Peacocks are so gorgeous. They make the coolest noise, too. Super loud, of course, like a bunch of boisterous, strutting men. You know, trying to impress the ladies. Haha.

  2. Awesome photo. Do you have a method for finding the photo of the day or is it just whatever strikes you? I like the 365 idea – I was actually considering some sort of photo per day project when I started my current project, but the idea I wound up going with just wouldn’t let go of me.

    • Thank you! I would love to have a theme to my photos, but since it’s already hard enough to find time for my project, my photos seem to mainly consist of whatever strikes me. Some days the photos are more personal than others. But mostly, if there is a theme maybe its just that they’re all so incredibly random. I definitely have a much larger variety of photos than I did before.

    • Thank you! Actually I didn’t (I don’t have a very good zoom lense). The peacock was less than 3 feet away from me! There were actually several peacocks in this little sanctuary. I was kind of chasing them to get the right photo..haha
      And awesome, i’ll check out your blog too!

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