Backstage Wedding

Here are the best of my amateur photos I took last month. I’ve never taken photos at a wedding before, and it was such a different experience. Most of my photos turned badly, but at least I got a handful of some nice shots.

Next time i’m invited to a wedding, i’ll aim for 2 good handfuls.

Read more about my wedding photography wisdom here:

powder time

working with the viel

monochrome time!



So classy.


5 thoughts on “Backstage Wedding

  1. ‘Reception’ is the best of the bunch for me: the light blue napkins and the dark blue ceiling contrast so well with the white of the table top. And that second glass! – so sharp it stands out wonderfully. A really great photo…

    • Thank you! It’s my favorite too. I also think that the dark and light contrasts really made the colors pop, and i’m really glad that glass turned out so sharp :). Usually that’s pretty hard for me to do…haha.

    • Ha! I thought the same thing after I posted it. I guess it’s just classy glassy ;). No, I actually have the standard 18-55 mm lens that came with my Nikon d3000. Thank you though, i’m glad you like it.

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