Day 31: Green Mystery

I was going for something minimalistic and abstract…so i’ll let you guess on this one. What is it? Is it actually in motion? Why is it so green? And so on.

It’s also barely been edited in Photoshop, all I added with some extra contrasts. The focus, blur, and colors are all original.

I dedicate this green mystery of a photograph to completing my first month of this 365 day project!


13 thoughts on “Day 31: Green Mystery

  1. I guessed what it was and was right, but then I noticed that when I put my mouse over the picture it told me what it is, ;) I have no idea if that was on purpose or not but either way it’s an awesome picture and you rock Rukmini! Don’t forget about you’re number 1 fan hahaa

    • Darn it Prema, you’re too smart! haha. And noo, that whole mouse over thing was actually an accident! I totally forgot about that xD. But its actually a pretty good i’ll leave it there (if anyone else is smart enough they’ll also figure out the mouse-over technique).

      Teehhe, you rock too Prema! We should have a photoshoot sometime next week, so I can use them on this blog :D

  2. hahaha it took me a while but then I recognized the cap. And definitely, we can hunt down another masterpiece! Keeeeep up the good work though, I see you’re already gaining a fan club! =D

    • Thanks so much! That’s really cool, i’d love to study a bit more about glass. There’s so much you can apply about it to photography

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