Street Photography Now II

While i’m on hiatus, I won’t be posting any new photos, but that doesn’t mean this blog will totally die in the next few weeks. So here are some street photography tips from

Shoot fast

Shoot fast

All that grey

It's all about the light

My previous post about Street Photography Now:

Day 55: Cyborg

This is next best thing to having Cyclops’s powers. And I can still blind people with my flash.

Who say’s photographers can’t have super powers?

A cyborg self portrait you say? Splendid.

 My last photo of the day before my hiatus! Adios everyone!

Day 54: Emptiness

We all have that empty feeling somewhere. It can feel like something is missing, something that needs to be filled, or it can just feel like heartburn.

Whatever the case, it’s incredibly hard to describe and even harder to portray. But I think I’ve come a bit close in today’s photo.

What can be more empty than a chair? It's just waiting for someone to come and fill up the rest of its space.

Day 52: Backside of a Rose

This photo pretty much says it all. Macro+water drops+pretty flower=success. And even if all we see is the backside of the flower.

You know something is photogenic if you can take it from any angle and it will always be flattering.

I’m not gone yet, so don’t worry there are still a few more 365 photos to come in the next few days :)

I’m on a LONG HIATUS Guys

Like the title says, I’m going on a long hiatus. I’m going to be travelling for the next 3+ weeks, all around the west coast (California, Utah, New Mexico, etc.) So yea, it’s super exciting and it’ll be an amazing place to take photos! I’ve never even been to the west side of the USA so it’s a double bonus.

Of course i’ll still be keeping up with my 365 project, the only thing I won’t be doing is posting new photos. At all. So it’ll be kind of tricky to upload them when I get back, but I’ll figure something out. The funny thing is that for the last couple months of my summer vacation I haven’t really done anything at all (actually, my bordom is what created this blog).

But this last month was and will be extremely jam-packed full. Not to mention that the day I get back I start my first day as freshman of the University of Florida….So my plan is to not think about it for the next month and then kind of freak out when I get back home. (But it’s all worth it because I’ll come back with so many great photos).

And my last (well 1 of 1,000) concern is that while this blog has been growing so well the last couple of months, I have a feeling its going to die quickly if I don’t update in the next month. I’m pretty sure i’ll lose subscribers and be forgotten forever.

So…(here’s the solution). I’ll try to schedule some posts/ polls/ my older photographs while i’m gone. I’ll have maybe 1 or 2 every week. I think that’s a good amount (though that’s a lot less than the average 9 a week). And you won’t be terribly bored and people won’t think I’m dead.

How about an old photo to sharpen our memory?

I have to stick some kind of photo in every post otherwise something seems very wrong.

But if you have any other comments or input, leave a message, i’d love to talk to you before I go! (Which is saturday, by the way….it’s nearing quite closely.) I’ll try to post up a few more ‘photo-of-the-days’ before I go too, because I’m still behind. And I don’t want to have 40 photo-of-the-days to post when I get back. Maybe I’ll post 3 days at a time or something…

Day 51: Noodle Stains

Since I missed uploading something yesterday, I’m still catching up with posting photos. This one is also from the other day, and it’s probably the least glamorous of my photos. It’s actually kind of gross, but also kind of interesting in a weird artistic way.

Sometimes the only photo I can take in a day is a dirty, stained pot.

Day 50: 50 Photos

Not the most original title. But hey, it’s straight to the point: 50 days and 50 photos -it’s a milestone!

So today’s photo is a photo of photos. Kind of appropriate, actually. The other day I found some photo paper and decided to print out a few of my photos myself. And it’s just amazing to see your own digital photography on paper and ink, and printed yourself (yes, that makes a difference).

So instead of just printing a couple of photos I ended up printing as many as I could until my printer died. Maybe I’ll make my own photo book out of my 365 photos…in the far future.

I love the Poloroid look.

Day 48: Afternoon Showers

Yikes, sorry for not posting yesterday… I’ll have to post up two days worth of photos to make up. Though I’m taking a photo everyday, I can’t promise to post them here every day. And now that the summer lull is almost finished and things are starting to pick up fast, I think it’ll be hard enough just to take a photo every day.

Either way, i’ll try my best :). Just expect my replies and messages to be a couple days later than usual…

Summer showers, who doesn't love them?