Post Too Much?

I’ve been posting a lot everyday, so I was hoping this doesn’t mean i’m also spamming your inboxes…


4 thoughts on “Post Too Much?

  1. It is easy because yours is a photo blog. But if you keep posting so often, I might miss some posts in the everyday busy routine and I don’t want to :(

    • hm, good point. I think it gets confusion if I post 2 or more in one day. I’ll try to keep to just my daily photos every day. Or if I post two, I’ll try to keep them more than 6 hrs apart. Does the time difference of posts usually make a difference to you?

  2. Or, why don’t you club the posts into ‘part a’ and ‘part b’. This way the chances of people missing them out is less.
    But frankly, I keep worrying about new content all the time. If I were you, I would post one everyday and keep the blog lasting longer. Just a thought.

    • True, I also thought about that, I might just do that. But really, I think this might just be my most active month out of my whole project. Once school starts i’ll be barely able to even post once a day. And I haven’t announced it yet, but i’ll have to put this blog on another hiatus, because i’ll be travelling for some weeks. So I might just schedule some of my extra photographs during that time so this blog doesn’t die while i’m away.

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