Cell phone pic of the week 2

Kidding (half). I took it with my normal camera. But it is sort of a ‘photo within a photo’..or this time a camera within a camera (or a leg within a leg. The list goes on).

Anyway, it was time I posted up one of my weekly cell phone pics. Don’t worry, I’ll post a legit one next week.

Sorry for the constant post-spam, but I just have too many photos that I want to share :P


2 thoughts on “Cell phone pic of the week 2

  1. Hey Rukmini, great idea this one photo a day-blog. Big project… I’m fascinated by such long term projects. So I also started a weird mammoth job. Since it’s really just started, it could be interesting to compare the pics of the website now / in 365 days. In an artistic way, of course. Just an idea…


    PS, I like your closeup photos on everday things. Nice work ^^

    • Hey Mat, thanks so much! It is quite a project, hopefully i’ll see it through!
      Intersting idea, good luck with your project as well.

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