Day 36: Broken Bits of Beauty

Remember my previous post about making beauty? Well I just decided to make this the next lesson.

Lesson 2 in making beauty: breaking it.

 I’m kidding. (Ok, half kidding.) Just don’t break anything.

Instead, look for what’s already tainted or broken. Something other people would immediately look away from, and look very close to it. Find what is imperfect and vulnerable. Make it shine.

So here's your photography wisdom 101. Can be applied to more than just photography.


4 thoughts on “Day 36: Broken Bits of Beauty

  1. Love it! You’re really inspiring me. Tonight I got out the macro lens and was prowling around the house looking for little ordinary things to change into beautiful details, like you do…

  2. This entry is so appropriate for me – being a glass artist, I am totally into Broken Bits of Beauty. I like your blog. I recently started an art blog, and will probably post something of yours in the future – you are bookmarked for me!

    • Oh how neat. That’s really cool, i’m actually not very familiar with glass art, but it sounds fascinating. The only glass I know is probably my camera lens, haha. But thanks so much, and i’ll check out your blog for sure too :)

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