Fireworks Extravaganza

Fireworks: my new favorite thing to photograph. It wasn’t before. No, before it was frustrating and hard. I would see these amazing works of art in the sky, and when I would take a photo, it would be nothing in comparison. But this year I wanted to be right where the fireworks were and shoot them again. At first it was bad, but after constantly changing my focus and shutter speed, I got the shot.

And next year I want to do even better.

Paint the Night

Explosion in the Sky

Electricity in the Air

Million Sparks


My personal favorite


4 thoughts on “Fireworks Extravaganza

    • Haha, no worries, fireworks photos are really hard. For most of the fireworks show mine were horrible and fuzzy, you couldn’t even tell what they were. But I was messing with my settings throughout the whole thing, and finally I was able to balance the exposure with the shutter priority setting. I put it only on 1 second shutter speed…but it was still able to capture pretty crisp photos in that much time :)

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