Day 38: Jaywalking

Something different for today. Not exactly what you’d call “street photography” but it’s the closest to it I’ve ever gotten. This is indeed a candid shot I took walking on the sidewalk. I didn’t capture it exactly how I would have wanted to, but I do like how this photo turned out so mysterious. It tells a different story every time.

So what story do you think is happening here?

I won't tell you if they were actually jaywalking or not ...But you can tell me what you think is happening.


6 thoughts on “Day 38: Jaywalking

  1. The car’s headlights look really menacing, and who knows what’s happening in the shadows on the left. Very atmospheric – I like it a lot…

  2. I was hoping the other comments would give me some clue. Because I did not want to say ‘innocent girls being kidnapped by the stalker in the car’..So, tell us already, what was happening?

    • Well the overall picture does look pretty menacing, but that’s pretty much all caused by the lighting and atmosphere. Truth is, it’s just a group of kids walking on the sidewalk in front of me, trying to find their car. Haha, the truth isn’t always so exciting, but I liked everyone’s stories and ideas that they came up with from seeing this.

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