Day 46: Glowing Saucer

The other night I was just about to go to bed when I realized I hadn’t taken a single photo the whole day! At this point, missing a day would feel like some kind of felony. I’d at least like to get to 50 days without missing a single day.

Anyways, I didn’t miss my photo that day. Too tired to shoot anything else, I settled on taking a shot of my bedside lamp. Success! I was saved, and I wasn’t even charged for a misdemeanor.

The recipe for any good photo is light. Even when the subject of your photo is light.

On another topic, I want to have a blogroll and I’m looking for nice blogs to link. If you’re interested, please leave a comment and suggest your blog, or another great blog you know of. Doesn’t have to be a photography blog :)

7 thoughts on “Day 46: Glowing Saucer

  1. The lighting is good, but so is the angle – you caught a nice crescent that no one ever notices.

    I would be very interested in connecting to several photo-a-day bloggers! Perhaps you and I could recruit a few?

    • Of course i’ll link your blog! And i’m really grateful for you for putting up my blog link as well. Everyday I get a half a dozen or so visits thanks to your link :)

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