Day 49: Dreaming

Finally, portraiture! Since I’ve started this project I noticed that I’ve been living the life of a blogging photographer…socially weary, and constantly taking photos of still life around the house.

The last part was a joke. (Ok, kind of a joke).

What do you see when you dream?



2 thoughts on “Day 49: Dreaming

  1. RUKSI!! It’s been too long. So glad to hear from you. I apologize for not replying sooner, I totally forgot to reply back xD

    I’m so touched that you still stop by my site. I hope you have been enjoying your summer and all.

    It’s great that you didn’t disappear off the online world, I’m glad you opened this site. I love looking at your photography, especially the ones posted on Facebook teehee ;) You are definitely a visionnary.

    And aww, I do hope you can still manage to come back to the graphic world…I miss your designs back when you had Blasphemic.

    I wish you all the best Ruksi. In the meantime, I’ll definitely stop by to post on your beautiful photography.

    I really like this one, it is well taken :)

    • Cali! Haha, no problem :) And I still love visiting your website, so it’s the first I think when I think graphic design, lol xD.
      But aw thank you so much i’m really glad you’re liking my blog and photos <3.

      I'm not sure when i'll do make a graphics site, but expect that I will be around and back one day for sure ;) In fact, i'm starting as a freshman in college and i'm majoring in….dunuunun….GRAPHIC DESIGN! haha, who would have thought? And maybe i'll connect with some graphic designers with this website and perhaps affiliate with them, enter graphics contests, etc :)

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