Day 50: 50 Photos

Not the most original title. But hey, it’s straight to the point: 50 days and 50 photos -it’s a milestone!

So today’s photo is a photo of photos. Kind of appropriate, actually. The other day I found some photo paper and decided to print out a few of my photos myself. And it’s just amazing to see your own digital photography on paper and ink, and printed yourself (yes, that makes a difference).

So instead of just printing a couple of photos I ended up printing as many as I could until my printer died. Maybe I’ll make my own photo book out of my 365 photos…in the far future.

I love the Poloroid look.


2 thoughts on “Day 50: 50 Photos

  1. There’s a company called Blurb that will print photobooks for you, and they do a pretty nice job of it. At some point I’ll get around to printing a book for every year, and I’ll be so proud of it. I’m sure you will too. :)

    Have you ever worked in a darkroom? There’s no better feeling in printing than watching the images slowly appear in baths of developer.

    Congrats on 50 posts! Keep going~

    • Thank you! Oh wow that’s interesting, thanks for the info, i’ll definitely check that out. Maybe i’ll make a book when i’m done with all 365! hehe, that would be really rewarding.

      No, i’ve actually never used darkroom but i’d love to. Yes, i hear that most people find it magical when they process their photos, i’d love to experiene that one day

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