A Little Sunshine

I’m posting up some older photographs while i’m still on a hiatus from blogging. This was taken earlier in May, it was one of my most successful (and funnest) photo shoots I did with my friend. Looks like a studio? Don’t be tricked, nothing was planned at all. We made use of all the props from her house (window, curtains, cut trees, etc).

It was my first outside photoshoot ever, which is a challenge in a Florida summer if you aren’t dressed right (no jeans, no shoes). I was lying down on the grass most of the time too…(watch out for those fire ants!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wasn’t really going for any particular theme with these photos, but I love how they turned out really sunny, youthful, and innocent. I was lucky to have a good model with me too! 

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