Back Home but still on Hiatus

Did you miss me?

I’ve actually been back for a week now, but it seems like the moment I got home I was immediately sucked back into school, work, and just regular life.

So my care free and photographically-explosive summer has come to an end. And sad to say, but it almost seems like this blog has too.

But really, that’s just too sad. The two months I spent taking photos every day and posting here really made my summer, and helped my photography grow in ways that school or art classes could never have.

So until then, i’m still on hiatus. I’m still getting acquainted with my new University campus, but once I get back in the groove of things (and not so behind on my assignments), I’ll definitely get the 365GB a nice kickstart back into action.

But until that happens (which hopefully won’t be too long), this blog, as well as my 365 photo project will be on hold. I promise I won’t make you wait too long though ;).

Spent the last month travelling North America on the Krishna Culture Bus Tour :)

See more in my Facebook album here


2 thoughts on “Back Home but still on Hiatus

  1. Yes, I missed you! I really hope you start up this blog again sometime – I find your work inspirational…

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