Some Gallery Publicity of my photographs in my 365 day project was accepted in my first UF (University of Florida) art exhibit!

I’m still amazed, this is one of the first art exhibitions of student works at my college and I was able to get one of my photographs in :D. Not to mention that I still feel entirely dwarfed by my new school, so being a part of an art exhibit and gallery is making me feel less like a newb artist.

Of course, what’s even better is that the photograph chosen was a part of this gingerberries project. Awh, I suddenly feel so proud of this whole project (even though I had to stop it for 2 months), and very encouraged.

And a little surprised too. I submitted 5 photos total, some of my very best more “studio” shots, and fancy portraiture (like my GLAMOR INDIA series as well as other series). But I guess for some reason my GREEN MYSTERY (Day 31) seemed to be the photo to stand out.

Well, to tell you the truth, even though it’s just a photograph of a simple perrier bottle, I seem to like it too.

Green Mystery, Day 31

 Now the challenge is finding a way to print it out nicely, matting it, and framing it too. By next week.

Month 2: photo montage

That’s right, I finally made my photo-video dedicated to my second month of the 365 project.

Any way, I hope you enjoy -it’s a little less than 30 photos from July 2011. The video and music is a bit slower (and longer) than my last, the music (although it’s still from Glee) is Amy Winehouse’s classic, “Back to Black”.

So until then, let’s hope I get myself together and starting on my three-sixty-five again. Then maybe one day i’ll be able to make a photo montage of my year’s worth of photos :)

The GLAMOUR India Series

Since I’m just posting older work right now, I’ll take advantage of this time to show you my first serious photography work. This was back in April, and it was my first series: GLAMOUR India.

I’d say this was the beginning of a more serious interest in portraiture and in photographic work in general. Since then, I’ve done one other series work (i’ll post up in a few days) but no other serious work besides my 365 project. Especially no serious portraiture, which is something I’d really enjoy getting back into again.

This was probably one of the funnest shoots I’ve done, too. The costumes, lights, colors, people – how could you not have fun with such a Glamorous photo shoot like this one?

Also, this was done before I had my DSLR camera. It was all with my trusty ol ‘point and shoot’ powershot camera ;).

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A Focus on Eyes

This is actually new work (it’s true, i’m actually shooting again!), and recently I was just exploring self portraits a bit more. Like my last post, “a means of connection”, this self portrait is pretty similar. Not much special technique, it’s simple and hopefully powerful. But this time I decided to block out most of the face and just leave the eyes.

And interpretation, I leave all up to my viewers. Lemme know what you think.

Self capture: eyes

How much of a person can you see when you look into their eyes?

Mystical China

Since i’m still on a break from my 365 project, I’m taking the time to go through my old photos that I never touched since they were taken. This particular one I took in May 2011. It’s actually one of my favorites, but I never had time to edit or publish it because soon after I got busy with my other photo projects (like the 365).

But until I start it again, I hope you enjoy seeing some of these works. I’m glad I finally have a chance to share them too.

mystical china

Chinese incense: as mystical as it is suffocatingly smokey

Cell Phone Pic of the Week: 3

There’s nothing like taking great photo with a crappy 2 megapixel cell phone camera.

There are no options on it, no zoom, editing, anything. Quite literally, it works exactly as a “point and shoot”. But in this case, there’s nothing point-and-shoot about it. You have to think about the angle, composition and lighting before you hit the shutter.

cell phone pic

Raindrops and powerlines. They seem to be in most of my photographs.

Plastic Wonder

Some photos I took before my hiatus. Thought I should upload it now to get me back into the regularity of daily blogging :).

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