A Means of Connection

I’ve tried to keep away from my blog (and my camera) so I can have space to acclimate myself back into school, studying, and life again. Funny thing is, the more I try to keep away from taking photos the more I realize that it’s a necessity, not just an escapist hobby, or ‘something to do over summer vacation’.

I think I just started to open up a true passion these last few months, and trying to temporarily pause it isn’t helping me. If anything, stopping my  is probably doing myself from photographic expression is doing less good.

It’s a funny thing, really. I guess my two months of daily photography left a larger impact than I thought. Well, nice to know that photography hasn’t forgotten me when I thought I forgot about it.

But any way, if you find the above to be entirely gag-inducing rubbish about my “love” of photography, I don’t blame you. It’s a bit sappy, but it’s important that I write about this connection about myself and photography. It’s a truth that I haven’t realized until now.

self portrait: 3 stills

look down. Then to the left. Now up.

Photography is not just a way to connect with others, and share my expression and perspective with others.

I’ve realized it’s an important tool of connection with my own self. It’s become incredibly important way for me to learn more about myself, connect meaningfully, and express my vulnerability to my own self. I’ve reached a depth with it deeper than I have with any other artistic means. And the more I try to avoid it because of ‘other commitments’ the more I realize that it is actually my priority. My unfinished projects are always impatiently waiting in the back of my mind, for me to complete them.

So in concluding my long, semi-philosophical speel about self connection and photography, I will say that my point is I need to take photos. To continue my 365 project.

And all of your encouragements and comments always help and motivate me so much. Ok. Sob story complete.Thank you.


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