Older photo I took some month back but never published. I guess this could be a part of my “focus is overrated” series.

With the addition of a new “Bokeh is awesome” series.

Bokeh lights on a boat

I'm on a (blurry,bokeh-ed, traditional chinese) boat!


4 thoughts on “Bokeh-licious

  1. Many ‘serious’ photographers are so fixated on achieving ‘tack sharp’ images that they totally miss out on the wonderful atmospheres that can be created with having the main subject out of focus. But not us!

    Great pic…

    • Haha, totally true! Though for me I initially took the photo because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t take a sharp image. So I went with totally blurry, lucky for me that it is actually more interesting than if it was a sharper image :)

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