Day 63: Looking for a Re-Fill

Again, lights, shadows, and translucent plastic like things… Ingredients for my favorite types of photos (though take out that last part. I think light and shadows are enough by themselves).

Now how would I refill my shadow cup?


Recycle Recycle…

Playing with lights as usual. These are a couple extra shots from my last photo-of-the-day upload :)

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365 Photo Log

I started to keep track of my 365 project with google calendars (which, by the way, is amazing. In case you didn’t know). But since I’ve taken my little hiatus from this project, things have been a little confusing so I wanted to keep track and stay organized on that matter. It’ll also help motive me to keep taking photos :)

And in case you’re confused by looking at this (because i’m already past day 80) this is not a calendar corresponding with my photo-posting on this blog. It corresponds with the exact date that I’m taking these photos.

I only just re-started posting on this blog again, but as you can see, it’s been almost a month since I’ve actually started shooting again.

So anyway, I’m excited about this log. I think it’ll be a good way to stay on top of my photography and this project. I may just start adding more information to it too, like on days where I do some more ambitious photography, i’ll write extra detail in my log too :).

Day 62: 100% Compostable

Finally! A real (and good) photograph. I’m not saying that the recent photos haven’t been “real”, but I’d say they were more like snapshots. It’s hard to take a quality photograph every day. However, I think today’s photo is. And it definitely required a good amount of time playing with plastic cups and a flashlight to create this effect. I am, however, finally pleased with the result :).

Increasing recycling photograph at a time.


Day 60: Sweet Muffin

When you’re feeling zapped of your originality: take photos of flowers.
When you’re can’t find flowers: take photos of food.
When the above two seem to fail you: take photos of sweets.

The latter will never fail you.

The muffin is sitting on top of a bottle of whipped cream, in case you're wondering. And I think you should know that spray whipped cream is the answer to all problems.

Day 59: Call Me?

I feel like phones are extinct. Even though the whole world revolves around them, a touch phone or iphone just isn’t a “phone” anymore. There’s no more buttons, huge numbers, or cords of any kind any more.

I don't know why I've been so interested in the old, the vintage, and the numbers lately (as you can see from the past 3 posts...).

Cold Summer Day

A collection of a few flower portraits I took earlier this summer, I’ve been meaning to upload them for some time now. And as seemingly cliche they look, I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

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