Consistency Over Quality

A few people have already asked me why I’ve been so inactive lately and that’s actually quite a reasonable question. I’ve gone from posting more than once everyday and spamming your inboxes to perhaps writing a blog post after more than two weeks and leaving your email inboxes bare and lonely without it’s daily does of GingerBerries.

I guess my excuse would be school. Or life. But really, what kind of excuse is that?

This blog was supposed to highlight what an (overly) ambitious and consistent artist and photographer I am. Going on a 2+ month hiatus without updating a single photo-of-the-day is leaving my gingerberry tree wilting and nearly dead…

Which is why I finally have some good news for you: I’ve started up my 365 photo project again! Huzzah! My long hiatus is finally over! And to tell you the truth, I’ve been taking photographs consistently for nearly TWENTY days now. I haven’t posted any yet because I wanted to make sure I can still keep up taking a photo every day even while i’m in the grind of school and other events. After all, consistency is more important than quality.

Although…I’m still afraid of lowering my standards and quality of my photos. I noticed that my photos, if anything, look a lot worse than the ones I’ve taken over the summer. I don’t have so much free time in the day to look for interesting things. Over the last couple weeks of photos, I only have a few that are of “good quality”. And I have a feeling i’m going to be disappointed when I compare them to my earlier shots. I spend like 10 minutes max on my daily photos and it makes me wonder if daily photographing is even necessary.

Ah well, either way, I guess I’ll just have to keep taking photos and see what happens. And besides, it’s high time I make a comeback now.


7 thoughts on “Consistency Over Quality

  1. When i first started i did a post every 1 – 2 days ( with my other site ) i soon stopped when i found out its to much, i think.
    Now i only post every 3 – 4 days maybe 5.
    There are a couple here who would sometimes post twice in a day, i don’t even open or view them now.
    Thats my opinion :)

    • That sounds quite manageable. Ideally I would like to update everyday, but I don’t think it’s possible. So I think i’ll just keep my goal to take a photo consistantly everyday, but update at least 2-3 times a week :)

  2. Posting every day means making a record of how your life is going, not just presenting carefully composed work. It’s not possible to get a beautiful shot every day, but even the mundane photos are worth remembering.

    But photo projects can be used for different things, so above all do what you like best. I rather like seeing peoples’ daily photos, myself – it’s nice to see everyone’s lives rolling forwards.

    • thank you :) I was afraid to see my quality of photos getting worse, especially because i Just cant put the time into photography as I used to in the summer. But anyhoo, looks like i’ll just have to accept it. I’m sure taking photos everyday even if there’s not so glamorous or impressive will overall be more beneficial to me than not;

  3. Yeah, I think if you want to maintain quality, but your life is busy, then it’s best to just post when you have something you think is good enough to share, rather then feel pressured into daily posting. You can always increase the frequency when you have more free time…

    • Thanks, I think that would be best too. Though frequency of posting isn’t my main concern (you probably noticed it’s been pretty slow too, and I’m not sure when i’ll pick it up) but I was actually worried about taking the photo everyday. Obviously I must because that’s the point of this project, but I just think that the quality of photographs might get a bit worse during these days when i’m busy…ah well, nothing much i can do about it but just accept whatever quality of photos I make.

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