Day 56: Cheers!

Cheers! As cliche as a title it may be it’s the most fitting for many obvious reasons: Cheers, I posted a new photo! Cheers, it’s not a half bad one either! And Cheers, I’ve finally re-started my 365 day photo project!

And even more cheerful (yes, there is something more celebratory than me restarting my project)...Cheers for my ONE HUNDREDTH POST!

And you know what’s even fits even best with this title? My photograph of FLOATING wine glasses. Because normal wineglasses just aren’t special enough.

How about cheers for capturing Harry Potter magical wineglasses in my photo? Now that's worth cheering for.


4 thoughts on “Day 56: Cheers!

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post, Ruksi! Nice photo – hope it wasn’t too cramped under that glass table :)

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