Day 59: Call Me?

I feel like phones are extinct. Even though the whole world revolves around them, a touch phone or iphone just isn’t a “phone” anymore. There’s no more buttons, huge numbers, or cords of any kind any more.

I don't know why I've been so interested in the old, the vintage, and the numbers lately (as you can see from the past 3 posts...).


2 thoughts on “Day 59: Call Me?

  1. We actually had a rotary phone when I was little, so buttons seemed so fancy when we finally replaced it. It’s amazing how quickly something new can gain a sort of vintage appeal. :)

    • Oh wow, now those phones are extinct, haha. But I would indeed love to take a photo of a rotary phone :)
      It is funny, isn’t it? They’re probably more fashionable than an iphone, in its own way.

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