365 Photo Log

I started to keep track of my 365 project with google calendars (which, by the way, is amazing. In case you didn’t know). But since I’ve taken my little hiatus from this project, things have been a little confusing so I wanted to keep track and stay organized on that matter. It’ll also help motive me to keep taking photos :)

And in case you’re confused by looking at this (because i’m already past day 80) this is not a calendar corresponding with my photo-posting on this blog. It corresponds with the exact date that I’m taking these photos.

I only just re-started posting on this blog again, but as you can see, it’s been almost a month since I’ve actually started shooting again.

So anyway, I’m excited about this log. I think it’ll be a good way to stay on top of my photography and this project. I may just start adding more information to it too, like on days where I do some more ambitious photography, i’ll write extra detail in my log too :).


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