Day 86: Learn to Walk on Water

I really didn’t plan to take so many consecutive photos on “reflection” this week, but I guess that’s what my eye was drawn to. But anyways, I don’t think it’s too bad to have a little series on water and reflection…on the contrary I’ve discovered reflection to be a photographically powerful tool.

How so you ask? The main reason is that reflection can be a great tool to create illusion in your photos; and I don’t even need to tell you how cool that is.

Take this photo for example. Have you ever fantasized about flooding your floors? Turning them into a pool of water? Being able to walk on water?

Photography has always been used to document what is “reality”, but why can’t we also document our fantasies too?

With just a few key ingredients (light, object, and shiny floor), I've found myself looking into the reflective waters of what was once my bedroom floor.


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