Day 87: When the Flash is So Bad it’s Good

It’s been 87 days, and 87 photos thus far published on this blog. And I’ll admit it, out of all those amazing days and shots, this one is one of my favorites.  Surprising? It should be. There’s nothing apparently good with this photo, if you even want to call it that. The subject isn’t even apparent, there are so many light sources and the angle is so awkward. Not to mention the heavy on-camera flash that’s guaranteed to ruin any photo.

The only plausible reason I can give is that when something gets to the level of sucking so bad, it just really becomes good. I have no idea why, but i’m guessing it’s some kind of universal law.

Or maybe I just like awkward things. Awkward but beautiful; if that was my artistic label, I could live with that.

There are few instances when something is so bad that it becomes amazing. This is one of them


3 thoughts on “Day 87: When the Flash is So Bad it’s Good

  1. Gingerberries, I have to disagree with your assessment; you should be claiming that it took you hours to get the lighting and everything just right to create such an amazing artistic photo. It’s a perfect photo to mat and frame and hang in a room that needs a pop of green.

    Or turn it into a poster and mat, frame, etc. Keep up the creative work. :D

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