Gone to Mexico, Back in 3 weeks

The title says it all, i’m gone for the rest of my holiday break :) I’d love to go on more about my mexico bus trip, but the details will all be there in the photos I bring back.

And unlike my last summer trip, this blog will be very much alive. I have plenty of posts that I’ve scheduled to update while i’m gone; just keep in mind I won’t get much internet access while away either.

But until then (Jan 8th actually; and a day before class starts..) –hasta luego y feliz navidad!

This will be me soon enough...Viva la mexico!

 And for the first time this isn’t a photo taken by me. Sure wish it was though.

4 thoughts on “Gone to Mexico, Back in 3 weeks

  1. Have FUN!!! But not too much. Crazy things can happen in Mexico when the fun gets too crazy.

    I do love that photo also. I’m with you, I would have loved to be there to take it. It makes me smile, such happy people.

    • thank you and I had plenty of fun! but made sure not to go too crazy either,haha. hopefully i’ll be able to post up my own photos of the mexican people i took…they are indeed fun happy warm people.

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