Day 102: Night Drive

I’ll admit it might be a bit overly┬árepetitious to post another long shutter-spead-esq photo but I’m too much a fan of this photo to skip out on it. The textures and lights give it an other world effect.

ps: I’m proud to say I posted something on Feb twenty ninth! Though I won’t mention the fact that this day completley ruins all backing of my project and threatens to have me change the name to the “366 day project”. That’s right, I shoulda known it was going to be a leap year project….

Don't shoot something that's already interesting. Make something new that's interesting.


Day 101: Rhythm

I’m finally back with new 365 day photos! Enjoy today’s photo, it’s a happy accident involving long shutter speed and headlights of a car backing out.

Some photos don't need a subject; they just need an adjective