Day 109: The Picasso Effect

The ingredients used in this experimental portrait:

plexi glass, paint, water, light, the perfect perspective…and lots of experimenting.

Inspired by the works of Robby Cavanaugh. Meaning also that like his works I didn’t use photoshop and rather tried to capture this vision purely through other physical methods.

Better two perspectives than one

Day 108: Layers of Fragility

I took this photo of a classmate’s was sculpture during our critique; this is only a little glimpse of the side but you can see why I love it. The layers of textures, shape, light, softness… This photo is a celebration of the beauty of fragility.

Being fragile does not mean the same as being weak

Day 107: Between Land and Air

To make up for the rather lackluster shots that I’ve been posting up, I give you a kickass photo.

Well actually some people would find a more fitting adjective for this photo, maybe ‘tranquil’ or ‘beautiful’ or even ‘mystical’. But if you’ve ever shot incense smoke before you probably know how hard it is to capture it just right -so my first adjective is the most accurate.

Playing with fire and smoke has never been more inspiring

Day 104: Say Hello to my New Baby

I got the Nikon 35 mm lens for my birthday -and since then all of my photos have been used with it! I really love it, and although it was hard to tell the difference between this and my standard 18-55 lens, it really does pay off in the end. Not only is it economical ($200 is very economical compared to most lenses) but its so much lighter and easier for travel (really helped in mexico).

The fact that it was fixed focal and not a zoom was a bummer at first, but it’s definitely helped me to learn to maneuver my body more than relying on zoom. I would still love to have a zoom one day, but i’m hanging on to this one for a while.

lens as mouth

Day 103: Nineteen

As you may have guessed I’m still uploading 365-day photos from way back and i’m still really behind. Like, really behind. For example, this vintage looking photo of my birthday cake wasn’t taken in the 70’s, but it also wasn’t take the other week.

Anyway, my birthday was months ago but it’s still cool to post up the photo I took that day, which is my cake (of course) :).

Oreo birthday cake. That's all I have to say.