Passion & Experimentation

The semester is drawing close, finals are just weeks away and I know I’ve been lagging so behind on this 365 day project that it’ll probably just take me another year to complete. I’ve barely been taking any photos lately, I feel like it’s been months since I’ve done any fun exciting shooting.

Sometimes when you lose the momentum of your work and artistry, passion starts to dwindle. Things don’t seem exciting anymore, and what was once a personal independent project to keep me focused and constantly motivated has turned into something else.

Basically, I’ve come to the point when I’m wondering why even continue taking photos anymore.

But something made me stop and rethink everything. I found a photographic project I did last winter that I was truly proud of. And what was the process of creating this art? Pure expression and pure experimentation. It was just passion flowing from my heart, soul, mind, and camera lens.

And THAT passion, even if covered, can never truly be lost.


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5 thoughts on “Passion & Experimentation

  1. I hope you never lose your passion for artistic creation and experimentation, in whatever form. It’s important for the soul!

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