Day 119: Speckled Dust

Black and white photos again prove that it can make anything look sophisticated, even baby powder. This shot is just a small preview for a shoot I’m planning on using portraiture and powder for this technique.

On another note, it’s Gingerberries 1 year anniversary! Whoo! That calls for a celebration. Then again 1 year anniversary means I should be at day 365 right about now, so maybe not. Anyway, because of my multiple hiatus and breaks this year i’m about 1/3 of the way. But even if it takes me 5 more years I’m going to reach that day 365. So here’s to….. perseverance.

Pixie dust or baby powder. The difference doesn’t matter on photo.


Day 114: Shooting Through a Dream

Haven’t you ever wanted to capture your dream? A dream stands between reality and fiction, imagination and memory -it’s pure magic. Capturing that element of the dream is a promise that always gets me excited. And I love doing that through reflections.

Are you still part of the dream when you capture it?

Day 112: Summer Rains

There’s something so carefree and simple about summer rains -so much that even my melancholic photos can’t ruin it.

I think it’s the mystery of what is beyond the car window that makes me really love this moment. It’s not about hating the moody grey weather but about just stopping for a single moment in the car to take a photo of a seemingly insignificant moment.

Hey, poetry is everywhere.

Drive me to a place where there’s always summer showers

Day 111: Ethereal

There’s actually nothing ethereal about this photo. I don’t even know how to describe this object to you except that it’s partly aluminum, partly plastic and houses little herbal pills. It’s actually so non ethereal in reality that  it’s funny.

Ah, but that’s what I love doing. Turning the mundane of everyday medication life into something…ethereal?

You may remember my previous photo of UFO/space-inspired kitchen utensils. I think I may just make a series out of them.

Day 110: Irregularity

Regulation is a good thing. Or so I’ve been thinking about lately. Without it I feel like a giant blob of Bleh with no purpose. You need regulation in everything, even staying creative. The last few months have been so difficult to churn out “art” and even more impossible to do what I once always did -take photos. The burden of high expectations and self imposed de-motivation only made it worse.

So that’s when regulation comes in -do it. and do it everyday.

And then after that you can break the rules a little bit, because you have to break the regular at some point.

But sometimes irregular composition works best