Day 124: Slippery Slope

I need to stop using kitchen utensils to create weird other-worldly images. I don’t even know if this classifies as other-worldly but I was thinking of some kind of glacier slope or shimmering icy portal in the depths of my kitchen sink. Believable? Well I guess that’s up to you.

I’d say aerial view of an icy glacier slope

Day 123: Genie’s Lamp

It’s all a matter of perspective, and photography completely changes that.

How big is the lamp, where is it reflecting, which one is the real lamp, are they both real? So that magic of photography is also like the magic of the genie’s lamp.

Which lamp is the real one?

Day 120: Web Bubble

I’m assuming I just made up the world web bubble because i’ve never heard it before. And if it does exist i’m guessing it looks like what is below. Really, its a photo of…nothing  important. Utterly insignificant. Except the funny thing about taking a photo of something is that it suddenly gains incredible significance.

We see countless things everyday. But what things do we want to share with others?