Day 01: Silver Lining

Guess what? I’m back! Better and more committed than ever. Actually not the latter; I’ve learnt to set smaller goals before long term ones.  So although I never finished my first intended (long term) project of 365 photos (I still got over 100!), I do love the idea of taking photos every day.

I’m not re-starting my 365 project, but rather starting a small new one, one that I can handle for a little bit. A 20 day project. Or more specifically, 20-photos-to-take-before-I-turn-20-in-20-days.

So here is your photo number uno. Silver lining. I think it fits quite well with the context of it all.

You don’t have to look in the sky for a silver lining on a cloud. Even the humblest leaf has its own.


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