Day 12: Sunrise

I’ve been waking up before sunrise for a while now, and even though it’s hard to get up when the weather has gotten so cold, I don’t regret missing any sleep. Actually, I regret all those days that I’ve missed the sunrise. Even if it means sleeping ‘early’ and missing all the activity of the night, nothing really compares to fullness of taking in the morning sunshine.Every single morning I see the golden sunlight shining through the windows, through the gardens and tree; there’s a freshness, a ‘new-ness’ to each day.

I took this photo yesterday (still catching up on posting here since I missed one day). What’s amazing is that I get to experience this sky, this sunshine, every single morning. And it’s not just me -every single person, animal, living thing, can experience it. It’s there every single morning. But so many people choose to keep their eyes shut. If you’re content with keeping your eyes closed to something like the sunshine, how do you expect to keep them open any other time in your life?

This candy-colored photo may look Instagram, but I assure you, it’s not.


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