Day 16: Ink Blobs

The worst thing for a routine project like this is to do something fun over the weekend. Which ended up having my camera temporarily unavailable as well as my weekend photos (though there weren’t much to begin with).

Now the great thing about doing a self-imposed routine project like this is that I can break my own rules. So I’m skipping straight to day 16, which is a photo I took with my cell phone. Of an inked-drawing project I was working on. Which I know is kinda cheap but some days even I don’t feel like taking proper photos. Maybe i’ll upload the previous photos later…otherwise i’m glad you guys are feeling good about the little break your inboxes were having. Expect get ready for full on spam this week, because i’m finally wrapping up this 20-20-20  project.

Enjoy, and hopefully today i’ll take a proper photo (or not. The great thing about personal projects is that you’re doing it for yourself, so good or bad doesn’t even matter).

When in doubt of what would make an interesting photo; just photograph my sketchbook.


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