Love Story

Between me and my camera, that is.

Haha, did I get your hopes up for something more interesting? But i’ll spare you the emotional gaga. Basically I’ve rekindled my love of photography. And realized whether I get a good photo or a bad photo, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the process of discovery. Just feeling the light and allowing it to wash over you. Allowing yourself to see things you never would have without the lens.

Just about the creativity. Let it flow. Don’t keep a plan. And don’t keep expectations. So there you go. I’m in a happy relationship with my camera. Just don’t go showing me any new fancy lenses or newer models to change my mind just yet…



Bringing back the Love (and fire)


First post of the new year! And of course, knowing me and my previous photo history, that means especially no photographic year long commitments from me…or does it? Well it’s been a rocky beginning of the year, so many wonderful things but also so many changes and challenges. While I try to ground myself, I want to also focus on just maintaining many things in my life, including the growth of this blog.

So! The word for this year is FOCUS. Stay balanced, and keep my eyes on the goal (which there are many this year for me, but i’ll reveal those slowly throughout this lovely year of 2013).

It’s been a few months since I posted, so I hope you enjoy these series of fire-photos. I used black and white to abstract it further and played with slow shutter speed to create moving patterns and light paintings.

Much love and thank you’s to all of you! :)