Instagra-me, much?

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I know, I know. For the longest time I was a hater. I didn’t like instagram, i thought it was tacky and I didn’t like the idea that every one could be a photographer just because they have the new iphone (ego much?).

BUT. I didn’t sell out, or jump the bandwagon (ok maybe I did). But I do really enjoy using my instagram account because it gives me a place to upload lesser photos and sketches like its no big thing. I like to save my best things for this blog, but its nice to know there’s a site I can dump my other in-progress or just lame self-indulgent cell phone photos (of myself).

And right now there’s not much on it, but i’m thinking I might put more artwork, traditional sketches, and maybe start putting something daily…like a 365Instagrame?! Ha..not likely. But definitely keep your eyes peeled. I’m taking over social networking one over popular website at a time… (or search me @ieatmyart )



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