The Mighty Jungle Cube: Cube 5-7

Here’s something new: Jungle cube! I actually have no commentary for these few photos. Hopefully they’ll speak for themselves. Again, its more of a failed attempt to give an inanimate object some wild personality, awwh yea.cube9junglecubecube8


Round Edges: Cube 2 of 10

Here’s day 2 of my new project. You’ll be seeing this cube guy for a few more days, so better get acquainted soon enough. I already see a personality developing -better come up with a name for this guy soon enough. Ideas? Mr. Qube perhaps?


It’s not too hard to find the edge of a circle, really.

Wooden Light: Cube 1 of 10

Dear visitors, I finally bring you something new: cubes. Betcha’ never saw that one coming, eh? And DAILY cubes. Now that’s just crazy! Fear not, it is the truth, and understand you will be receiving daily updates from my blog every day for 10 days!

I’m currently taking a sculpture class and it’s the first time I’ve worked with wood. But of course, I’m going to be more interested in using my wooden sculptures for photography. So yes…making a boring geometric shape into something spilling over with sappy artistry will be my new focus.

Enjoy! And I do hope I am able to change the way you perceive wooden cubes. And geometry. And math. And the world in general. That’s my life mission goal. (:

When nature conquers geometry.

The only time geometry can triumph nature is in art. Math loses, sorry. ;)

Mind’s Eye… plus 100 Subscribers Bonanza!

I haven’t done any fancy shoots as of yet, but here are a collection of more experimental photos I took yesterday evening. And I suppose that’s the beauty of the experiment: it’s all trial and error and there’s never any pressure.

Here are even more of my “glass” shots; this I used myself to play with portraiture. I know these photos have a double-exposure look, but that’s the magic of the glass that I love so much. The only photoshop work here is color editing, the rest is all camera work.

Again, these are trials for a one-day-future series I want to do on the mind featuring portraits of many people. When that’ll be, I have no clue. But until then I’m going to keep playing with what I have on hand, which is my camera, my piece of glass…and I get myself as the model.

And! Before I forget, I want to announce that 365 Gingerberries has reached over 100 subscribers!! This is major milestone. I know it’s been a couple years and it may not be much compared to other blogs, but I never thought this Gingerberry project would last this long. Here is to many more happy blogging days to come. Thank you everyone for your support! I really would not have continued this website without any of you.

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In honor of the first day of Spring Break and also in hopes of having an efficient and rejuvenating week ahead, I have a new mini series. I want to start the week off well and I really want to have a successful photoshoot this week. So the photos I’ll be sharing with you today are just a little experiment and play with my ongoing interest of creating forms with lights and shadows.

Now, I wasn’t trying to go for the zebra look, but I can see how it went that direction a little bit. Anyhoo, Happy March, Happy Spring Break, Happy Friday, and I hope to have much more photographic week coming up! So keep your eyes peeled for some more, andbetter, photos this coming break.

ps: 365GB has 99 wordpress subscribers! 1 more till I hit 100! C’mon guys, lets see how many we can get, i’ll throw a great celebration-photographic-post in return!