Mind’s Eye… plus 100 Subscribers Bonanza!

I haven’t done any fancy shoots as of yet, but here are a collection of more experimental photos I took yesterday evening. And I suppose that’s the beauty of the experiment: it’s all trial and error and there’s never any pressure.

Here are even more of my “glass” shots; this I used myself to play with portraiture. I know these photos have a double-exposure look, but that’s the magic of the glass that I love so much. The only photoshop work here is color editing, the rest is all camera work.

Again, these are trials for a one-day-future series I want to do on the mind featuring portraits of many people. When that’ll be, I have no clue. But until then I’m going to keep playing with what I have on hand, which is my camera, my piece of glass…and I get myself as the model.

And! Before I forget, I want to announce that 365 Gingerberries has reached over 100 subscribers!! This is major milestone. I know it’s been a couple years and it may not be much compared to other blogs, but I never thought this Gingerberry project would last this long. Here is to many more happy blogging days to come. Thank you everyone for your support! I really would not have continued this website without any of you.

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