Day 129: Green Tide

Surprise: I just got a new camera and here’s my first test shot! Its a Nikon J1, something I had my eye on for a while…and well, lets say I’ve been avoiding getting it because it would be a huge blow to my photographer-ego. And it is. Kind of.

First, it seems almost like a downgrade to go from an dslr camera (though my Nikon d3000 wasn’t ever a top-of-the-market camera) to smaller camera (but truthfully a Nikon J1 is “technically a dslr”!). But wow, this little baby is wonderfully portable and shoots photos excellently.

I’m trying to get the hang out of the manual options, but really, the automatic options are just much better. Like…much better than my previous camera.

Which now I must admit gets me worried. I’m worried about taking better photos with a new camera. Why? Well….this is proof that good photos come from a good camera, and not the person behind the camera, right? Us photographers will argue vehemently against that statement, but now i’m starting to have doubts. I’m seriously not doing anything -this camera is doing it all and its doing a fantastic job of it. It’s probably going to steal MY job. Yeesh, what’s the point of being a photographer when the camera is better than you?

Ok besides this personal crisis, I have to say I’m still quite excited about this camera. The best part of it all? Video. Yes. Keep on the look out for my 365 video project (Those words will be regretted badly).

If getting a new camera makes this much of an improvement....then i'm worried. What does that say about the photographer? Hmm....

If getting a new camera makes this much of an improvement….Then i’m worried. 


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