Day 139: Library of Quirks

I spent yesterday visiting different book stores in Brooklyn. I’ll admit that i’m not the biggest reading enthusiast. I prefer picture books. I pay attention to the way letters look, rather than read them. But still, books hold a wonderful charm to them, just as do book stores. Safe, cozy, and organized.

Then I got the chance to peek into the city’s Community BookStore. Different, chaotic, quirky. I may not read many books, but they sure are beautiful to take photos of.

Day 139


Day 138: Brooklyn Bridge

I’m excited that something as iconic and beautiful as the Brooklyn Bridge is now included in this photo portfolio. Also RIP crappy camera. Any suggestions for any new models?


Day 137: Blurred Lights

I fell a little behind on the days, and my camera lens broke the other day, but i’ll upload what I can. New York is a wild experience of every flavor. There is diversity everywhere and even in the ugliest parts there’s an unexpected charm. But what I love most is when you blur the lights a little, everything starts looking the same.



Day 136: Another Setting

I’m adjusting to a new setting: New York City. I took this classic sunset photo as I drove over here Sunday night, and i’m planning on shooting the rest of my 365s for this week here in this bustling city. I don’t even know where to start, but we’ll find out soon enough where I end up.



Day 135: Cyclops

Sometimes when I don’t know how to pose a self portrait, I just go with the one-eyed look. Works every time.




Day 134: Light it Up

Making magic without a wand. Or in this case the wand is my incense stick, and the magic is creating this beautiful image with absolutely $0 budget. See? The magic that lets me make art without emptying my wallets. I like it.



Day 133: Green Like What

I admit, I enjoy the curious mystery of figuring out what kind of abstracted photo I’m looking at. But then again, the what doesn’t matter so much as the how. And the how isn’t as interesting at the why. And I’m still trying to figure out what’s the why and so then there you go.



Day 132: Seeing Through Filters

A camera only helps me become aware of the lenses that I use to filter the world. But really, I know i’m wearing different filters constantly. Anything I see, perceive or experience is just going to be filtered through my own personal lens. And just imagine that every person in the world has their own unique filter.

How the heck are you supposed to live in a world that’s so subjective?


Day 131: Going for the Plunge

I’ve been thinking for a while to resume my 365. It’s been nearly 3 years since I started it, and I suppose it gets harder and harder to “resume” this project. Mostly because now I have an idea of what kind of commitment it takes and I feel i’ve resigned myself to not getting anywhere close to the goal.

Anyway, I’m hoping to post this quickly before I change my mind. Go for the plunge and i’ll figure out how to get myself out of it later.

So close that I can touch its shadow

So close that I can touch my own shadow



Yesterday’s spontaneous photoshoot was entirely satisfying. I love setting the mood of a photo with such simple elements: a cloudy and wet afternoon. Handprints. Wax paper and a car windshield.

Magic of the minimal: wet wax paper and a car windshield

Magic of the minimal: wet wax paper and a car windshield